The Odisha Model Tribal Education Society (OMTES)  
Aims and Objectives
The aims and objectives of The Odisha Model Tribal Education Society are as follows:
To make interventions in the field of Tribal Education from primary to higher education stage, including steps for residential facilities for the students and for promoting vocational component of education for the tribals.
To establish, maintain, control and manage Model Tribal Schools which will provide education up to secondary and higher secondary stages with the aim of promotion of excellence in education, and to do all acts and things necessary for or conducive to promotion of such schools.
To organize and conduct study courses, conferences, lectures, seminars, workshops, study tours and the like for the benefit of the students of the model school.
The Schools will aim at providing opportunities to meritorious children belonging to Scheduled Tribes to receive high quality education.
To provide opportunity to students of other communities to have access to quality education. A certain percentage of students from other communities may be admitted as determined by the Society on the basis of merit, subject to the condition that the percentage of such students shall not exceed ten percent of the total number of students admitted in each school.
To provide as may be necessary, teaching, administrative, technical ministerial and other posts under the Society and in the Model School from Class-VI to XII
To constitute such committees, or other bodies as may be deemed fit and to prescribe by rules of the Society their powers, functions, tenure and other matters
To acquire, hold dispose or transfer properties of the society in any manner whatsoever for the purposes and in pursuance of the advancement of objects of the Society with the prior approval of the Government
To maintain a fund to which shall be credited:-
  (a) All money provided by the Central and State Government.
  (b) All fees and other charges received by the Society
  (c) All moneys received by the Society by way of grants, gifts, donations, benefactions, bequeaths or otherwise and
  (d) All moneys received by the Society in any other manner or from any other source.
  Provided that the funds of the Society shall only be utilized in furtherance of the aims and objectives of the Society.
To subscribe to or to become a member of or to co-operate with any other organization, institution or association having objects wholly or in part similar to those of the Society
To collect such fees and other charges as may be decided by the Board of Governors from time to time
To deposit all money credited into the fund in such banks or to invest in such manner as the Society may decide for the benefit of the Society
To borrow or raise money with or without securities or on the security of a mortgage, charge, hypothecation or pledge over all or any of the immovable or movable properties belonging to the Society or in any other manner for furtherance of the interest of the Society with the prior approval of the Government
To make or endorse on behalf of the Society and to accept or draw in favour of the Society any drafts, cheques and notes or other negotiable instruments on the discount of charges thereof and for this purpose to execute and sign, such deeds and documents, advance such money as may be considered expedient or necessary for the purposes of the Society
To do all such acts or things as may be considered necessary, incidental or conducive to the attainment of all or any of the objects of the Society
To affiliate to the society any institution having objectives similar to that of the parent society.
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