The Odisha Model Tribal Education Society (OMTES)  
The Government of Odisha shall have the powers to enquire into the affairs of the society in the following manners:-
By appointing one or more persons to review the work and progress of the Society in the work of the Society.
By holding inquiry in the manner as deemed proper for the furtherance of the interest of the Society, in the work of the Society.
By conducting inquiry against any person employed by the Society or by the Government/ Board of Governors in the Society.
By appointment of an Administrator during the interim period for managing the affairs of the Society if it is felt necessary to take over the Society. Provided that notice of the intention of the Government to take over the society should be issued at least one month before and reasonable opportunities may be given to the Chairman/ Secretary of the Society to clarify as to why the Society shall not be taken over by the Government. Also provided that the decision of Government in Scheduled Tribe and Scheduled Caste Development Department in this regard shall be final and not appealable and cannot be challenged in the Court of Law.
In the event of the Society deciding to dissolve itself or getting dissolved, all the assets and liabilities of the Society acquired lawfully shall stand transferred to the Government.
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