About Us

The important aim of teaching is to bring about socially desirable behaviors among the students. It can be realized through effective teaching following its basic principles. But how the students learn effectively content is depending on the method of teaching. There is a great world (external) outside and within the mind of the child. Therefore it is the foremost duty of the teacher to bring the two together.

EMRS, Mahasingi is just like the Gurukul which is in the surrounding of the nature, very calm, quite and favorable for the tribal students. Generally we consider that tribal students are dull and slow learner but in the contrary to this our students are very rich in exposure and creativity. The teachers encourage these tribal students by using their exposure, as a result get lot of creativity.

Each of us is born with unique characteristics. We should encourage the children to develop their own style by being and doing the best they can be at all times. When we learn to recognize child's unique characteristics and tell him/her about them, they will know that we are not comparing them to others and hopefully they will not do the same. It will give them self-esteem and self confidence and they will strive to be themselves.

Our effort is to create space where the tribal children have desire, ability, freedom and the knowledge to make thoughtful and intelligent decisions regarding the world and their own place within it.

Ekalavya Model Residential School(EMRS) is established in thickly concentrated tribal pockets of the state with the prime objective of setting up a Model Residential Institution committed to impart Quality Education to the Tribal students of the state from primary to senior secondary level and prepare them to become able future citizens at par with the students of main stream population.

Ekalavya Model Residential School (EMRS) also aims to be a Model Educational Institution so that the same can be used as a replicable Model for other Educational Institutions to follow and adopt. Ekalavya Model Residential School (EMRS) also intends to facilitate faculty and support staff to work as a team and update their skills and knowledge to match the educational advancement through defined objectives.

The Ekalavya Model Residential School (EMRS) is also set up with the objective of serving as a centre of excellence to facilitate enriched academic atmosphere, vibrant and healthy work culture with emotional, intellectual and social development of the students as well as for the members of staff.