The Ministry of Tribal Affairs has suggested for management of these schools through a registered society. The Board of Directors of the said Society shall have representatives of the concerned Government Departments, Eminent Educationists Selected Representatives and Community Leaders from among the Tribal Communities of the State.

Some of the salient features for establishment of EMRS:

  • Sufficient land is provided by the State Govt. for the school for playgrounds, hostels residential quarters etc. free of cost. However non-recurring & recurring cost are provided by Ministry under Article 275 (1).
  • The construction, maintenance and management of these schools are regulated by a registered society set up for the purpose.
  • The Board of Directors of the Society have representatives of the concerned Government Departments, eminent educationists and selected representative and community leaders from among the tribal’s.
  • For management of such schools, A Management committee is constituted, which may exercise such powers as provided in the by-laws of the society.
  • These schools have sufficient number of PGTs, TGTs and other trained teachers to maintain the optimum teacher pupil ratio of 1:30.
  • The time table of these schools devised in a manner to provide sufficient time for activities, such as teaching, vocational training, sports, cultural activities and other extra-curricular activities so as to ensure all round development of the children.
  • The number of seats for boys and girls are equal.
  • Education is entirely free.
  • Every class has 60 students and the total sanctioned strength of the school is 420 students with only science stream at +2 level.
  • Admission to these schools is through selection process with suitable provision or preference to children belonging to particularly vulnerable Tribal groups, first generation students, etc.
  • These schools to be primarily located in scheduled or tribal areas, keeping in view the availability of drinking water, power, health facilities, communication and other minimum information facilities.
  • Scholarships to be given to all the Schedule Tribe Students pursuing their studies in EMRS.
  • Emphasis is given physical, mental and social development of all students enrolled in each EMRS.
  • The schools are fully residential with residential quarters even for the teaching staff and also for some of the non-teaching staff, as considered necessary. The society is responsible for efficient management of finances, location of schools, selection of students and to formulate policies and programmes for management improvement, diversification and any other related matter with regard to the functioning of these schools.
  • The society is also eligible for accepting donations, contributions and grants from individuals. Institutions, Industrialist and business houses and governments including foreign donors. A suitable provision to be mate in the bye-laws in this regard.