The Bye-laws of the Odisha Model Tribal Education Society, (OMTES) vide para 12 provide that there will be a School Level Management Committee headed by the Collector of the concerned district and 8 (eight) other members including two eminent educationists of the areas to be nominated by the Collector and the Committee will look after the overall development of the school and will render advice to the society as and when necessary.

For proper management of EMRS, Laing, a Management Committee has been constituted as follows:

  • Collector of the District - Chairman
  • PA, ITDA in whose jurisdiction The EMRS is situated. (DWO in case of non-ITDA districts) -Member
  • Inspector of Schools(SSD) of the zone- Member
  • CDMO of the District - Member
  • Executive Engineer of the DRDA of the District - Member
  • Two eminent Educationists of the area to be nominated by the Collector - Members
  • Principal of the EMRS - Member Secretary

Powers and Functions of the Management Committee

  • The Committee meeting will be held monthly in the School premises within 1st week of each month under the chairmanship of Collector and all the expenditure of the school for the proceeding month shall be approved by the Committee. In the absence of Collector, the P.A. ITDA (in case of non-ITDA district, ADM will chair the meeting. In no case, the meeting shall be postponed. The quarterly Audit Report of Chartered Accountant and Audit Report of Government/CAG Auditors shall also be placed before the Committee and remedial steps taken by them.
  • The Committee will take care for campus development as well as the kitchen garden of the EMRS.
  • The Committee will review the performance of the teaching and non-teaching staff on monthly basis and annually up to January of every year and submit report to the Society for extension of their contractual engagement by 15th February of each year.
  • The Committee will review an ensure that the “Mess Committee” of the school functions properly and ensure involvement of the representatives of the students to purchase quality materials/food stuff, messing and preparation of menu of the hostels.
  • The Committee will approve all purchases for the EMRS and ensure that while purchasing the articles, Govt. Rules and Regulations are followed scrupulously. The Principal of EMRS shall take the prior approval of the Chairman before procuring any article.
  • The Committee will ensure fortnightly health check up of the inmates by the medical staff of the nearest PHC/CHC/Govt. Hospital and incidental cost for purchase of medicines etc. shall be borne out of the funds placed in the school for the purpose. The committee shall also ensure leveraging health care benefits by students provided by NHRM including Mosquito nets.
  • The instructions issued vide Society (OMTES) letter No.636 dt. 17.08.2007 as per 11th meeting of Board of Governors for opening of joints pass book in the name of P.A. ITDA and Principal concerned (DWO and Principal for non-ITDA district) for financial transaction shall be followed.
  • The Committee will chalk out a plan for organizing remedial classes for the students who are poor in subjects like English, Mathematics and Science etc. during summer vacation for better performance of the school in the Annual CHSE and AHSC Exams.
  • The Committee shall review the progress of academic/co-curricular/extracurricular activities of the students of EMRS.
  • The Committee shall take up any other matter as they would consider proper and conducive for academic development and other all round development of the EMRS