As per para 13 of bylaws of the OMTES, District Management Committee for the Model School has been constituted with the following members to look after the over all development of the Model School.

For proper management of EMRS, Laing, a Management Committee has been constituted as follows:

  • Collector -Chairman,
  • Project Administrator, I.T.D.A -Member
  • Inspector of Schools (SSD)  Northern Zone, Sambalpur. -Member
  • C.D.M.O, Keonjhar. -Member
  • Executive Engineer, DRDA,Keonjhar- Member
  • Principal, DIET, Keonjhar  -Member
  • Headmaster, D.N.High School -Member
  • Principal of Model School -Member Secretary
  • Dist. Welfare Officer, Keonjhar -Member 

The great Tribal Archer of the Mahabharat days personified the exemplary quality such as undivided focus, extreme concentration and tremendous expertise in archery and on top of all the supreme devotion to the Guru. In order to inculcate a sense of Pride and desire to imbibe these exemplary qualities amongst the students, it has been decided to name the existing EMRS under Article 275(1) of the Constitution as “Ekalabya Model Residential Schools”.